Q: Do I have to be a Springville Resident to participate?

A: No!  People come from all over to participate.

Q: Do I get paid to perform?

A: The Springville Playhouse is a non-profit community theater group.  We all volunteer here for the joy of theater!

Q: When are auditions?

A: Check the Facebook Page and Home Page for the most up to date audition information.

Q: What are the chances of getting a part if I audition?

A: Generally pretty high!  We try to post the amount of people we need for shows. However, as a rule, the majority of people who audition for the Art City Days musical in June get a part as it is usually our largest production.

Q: How many shows are there each year?

A: The Springville Playhouse will typically perform 3-4 shows per year with a mix of plays, musicals, and children/youth productions.

Every Year, remarkable men, women, youth, and children combine to make our theater into what it is.  People come from all over Utah Valley to perform, direct, officiate, or volunteer in a number of capacities.  Here are just some ways that you can participate!

  • Audition!  For current audition information, visit our Home Page andFacebook Page
  • Costumes.  We always could use a hand with costuming!  Message us on our Facebook Page and we'll get in touch.
  • Set building
  • Stage management
  • Directing music
  • Spreading the word about us!
  • And much much more.  Use our Contact form or message us on Facebookwith ideas or just a general desire to help out and we will contact you.  

‚ÄčCommon Questions:

‚ÄčThere are so many ways to participate!

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