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Call Backs

1440 W Center St, Springville

Peter Pan Callback list.
Please come at the times listed.

10:00 am
Lost Boys:
Lillian Savage • Ella Unguren • Kyler Korth • Valery Ethington • Grace • Wilson Ruby Cochran
Danica Gwilliam • Oliver Wilson • Sam Goodman • Megan Gwilliam • Troy Swapp • Ryley Waycasy
Cadence Walker • Andrew Binks • Ella Hjorth • Marc Quinlan • Henry Holmes

Lucie Grover • Amber Binks • Jasie Hawkes • Brynn Jones

10:45 am
Peter Pan:
Daxton Bunker • Crew Fullmer • Zach Hjorth • Nate Moody • Karl Boyack • Gavin Jones

11:00 am
Hook/Mr. Darling:
Colin Coughanour • Cade Bunker • Ben Moody • Elihu Brown
Oliver Wilson (Hook Only)

Chelsie Hawkes • Hazel Langton • Emma Osborn • Sylvia Riddell • Grace Bauer • Wendy Gwilliam • Megan Gehring

Mrs. Darling:
Jane Wilson • Shelby Markham • Katie Boston • Addie Provost

11:00 am
Cael Bunker Crew Fullmer

Henry Holmes • Thomas Bunker • Riker Fullmer • Max Goodman • Alex Averett

Morgan Black • Nate Moody • Tyler Baisch • Karl Boyack

Samantha Hjorth • Fielden Mason • Darcy Bauer • Emma Osborne • Sicily Fischio • Gavin Jones
Caroline Osborne • Dylan Bunker • Katelyn Gehring

Tiger Lily:
Madeline Unguren • McKenna Bunderson • Aurelia Olsen • Braelyn Newberry
Alyssa Top • Sydney Weight • Mary Moody

Director’s Note:
Just a reminder, we have had 140 actors audition, which means not everyone at callbacks will be cast and some actors not at callbacks might be cast. So even if your name is not on this list, you could still be in the cast for Peter Pan. Please watch for the final list to be posted this weekend.
To the actors on the callback list you might read for more than one part.
Thank you to all the actors who came and auditioned.
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